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Current #bitres Artist: Jay Roff-Garcia
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Current #bitres Artist: Jay Roff-Garcia

Jay Roff-Garcia

My name is Jay Roff-Garcia, I am an artist from Venezuela. I relocated to Texas in 2012 and am a dual-citizen of both countries. Since I began making art I have always found myself feeling like a channel. Reaching across sound, performance, video, sculpture and installation my artistic practice functions to translate personal experiences into new perspectives, new ways of thinking. Video installation and sound are used for their ephemeral potential to create multi-sensory experiences that emphasize the immaterial and the synesthetic. These mediums conjure sensations one could naturally associate with memories, emotions, or the surreal. Projection, audio samples and loops -- what I refer to as tools of perception -- are employed to highlight the poetic potential of space. With photography and video I am primarily concerned with using the camera as an archival device. This stems from my own fractured sense of time and memories. Videos, images, and sound recordings are edited and translated in order to construct a system of reference points in the otherwise flowing, oozing spaces of memory and perception.

The process of editing remains important as a means of exploring time; the subsequent translation is an attempt to materialize the grain and fabric of these spaces, to question what makes them up and what makes them important. Memory is a natural challenge, its nature is to fracture and twist time into a blur, always thirsting for some sort of confirmation. The remnants of moments past remain in still and moving images, sound recordings, relics, and a reliance on the ethereal. We use these materials to build. My questions are, how do we navigate this? And, how can one use these unstable materials to build something solid? I like to attempt a performance of translation. I gather, ritualize, chop up, and reorganize these remnants of moments past to reframe.

Instagram: @mugger404
Music: Mugger 404 Bandcamp, Hermit Kingdom Bandcamp, Hermit Kingdom Spotify

About #bitres:
As a means of expanding Co-Lab Project's programming into the digital realm, artist/curator Vladimir Mejia selects artists to participate in an Instagram hosted month-long residency. Artists are given full control of the @colabprojectsbitres Instagram account, and all images posted by the artist are categorized by hashtags representing the artist name in residency. Original concept by Sean Ripple.

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"That’s not going anywhere." : Dave Culpepper
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"That’s not going anywhere." : Dave Culpepper

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That’s not going anywhere.
Dave Culpepper
September 7th - 28th, 2019

Co-Lab Projects @ Springdale General
1023 Springdale Road, Suite 1B, Austin, TX 78721
Open Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7th, 7-11pm

A maquette is a tool used for siting where an object will eventually be installed. It is a simplified version of what it is representing, commonly made very cheaply. Maquettes are usually constructed at full scale in order to show how the final object will relate with its surroundings. They are a tool that allows you to see what potential an object has without putting the object at risk. Maquettes serve a purpose and then are abandoned/become useless after their job is finished.

Models are often made to a scale that is much smaller than actual size. Models can be used for planning spaces, creating object relationships, and studying different viewpoints. Models are like maquettes, in that they represent objects, except they need to maintain relevant aspects or important details of the original. Models are used over and again, waiting to be a vessel for ideas.

Scale is a mechanism used to help orient objects in a space. It is also used to help simplify too large of spaces, ideas, or systems (railroads, solar system, city planning). All of these are tools to help realize a concept. Most of the time they are used in conjunction with one another. These three tools help with efficiency with spatial planning.

David Culpepper was born in Alexandria, Virginia. In 2010 he received a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. David has been living in Austin for the last 9 years and is a founding member of Ink Tank Collective, Free Beer Podcast, and Fancy Fancy Studios and Gallery. His most recent projects have been exhibited at Grayduck Gallery, MASS Gallery, and Pump Project. David received the Austin Critics Table Award for his solo exhibition Wake Me When It's Quittin' Time at Co-Lab Projects in 2014-2015.

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