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Co-Lab Projects, Sean Ripple, and Vault Fine Art Services present:

It’s All True 
by Object Collection

Stateside at The Paramount, 719 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Friday, May 18th, 8 PM // Saturday, May 19th, 8 PM // Sunday, May 20th, 5 PM
Doors open one hour before showtime

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It’s All True is an opera-in-suspension based on the complete live archives of iconic underground band Fugazi. Grounded upon the DC post-hardcore outfit’s 1987-2002 Live Archive series, the work uses only the incidental music, text and sounds, none of Fugazi’s actual songs. An obsessive leap into 1500 hours of gig detritus – random feedback, aimless drum noodling, pre-show activist speeches, audience hecklers, police breaking up gigs – is the foundation of an ear-body-and-mind-flossing 100 minutes for 4 voices/performers, 4 electric guitars/basses and 2 drummers. It’s All True is overloaded, maddening, mundane, properly funny, and a radical incitement to action.

Watch the promotional video on Vimeo
Listen to the album Here
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Written/Directed by Kara Feely
Composed by Travis Just
Scenography by Peter Ksander
Stage Managed by Liz Nielsen
Voice and Performance by Catrin-Lloyd Bollard, Avi Glickstein, Daniel Allen Nelson and Deborah Wallace
Drums by Shayna Dunkelman and Clara Warnaar
Electric Guitar and Bass by Dither: Taylor Levine, James Moore and Brendan Randall-Myers

Object Collection was founded in 2004 by writer/director Kara Feely and composer/musician Travis Just. Based in Brooklyn, the group operates within the intersecting practices of performance, experimental music and theater. We are concerned with simultaneity, complexity, and radicality, combining dense layers of text, notation, objects, and processes. We work to give audiences unconventional viewing experiences through our merging of theatricality and pedestrian activity. Our works upset habitual notions of time, pace, progression and virtuosity. We value accumulation above cohesion.

This project is produced in proud partnership with Vault Fine Art ServicesStateside at the ParamountFusebox Festival, and Royal Blue Grocery.
Artist accommodations sponsored in part by Native Experiential Hostels.

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David McMichael #bitresMcM

i’m david. along with some very brilliant folks i run hyperreal film club, an always-morphing art party here in austin.
i’m deeply impatient, easily excited, endlessly amused, obsessively archival, meticulously destructive, eternally enchanted.

there’s this thing where walter benjamin walks through the arcades (huge glass halls stuffed full of people and things) in paris in the 20s or whatever and he just talks about it on and on – this accumulation of sensory overload that politically blocks reality. or the blocking of reality is reality. or some iteration on down the line. i like that.
to casually walk among the aisles of beauty and deception, marveling and embracing the terrific claustrophobia of it all.

my bitres is some fairy tales that go down like a gummy bear with a sticker burr inside.