As a means of expanding Co-Lab Project's programming into the digital realm, artist/curator Vladimir Mejia selects artists to participate in an Instagram hosted month-long residency. Artists are given full control of the @colabprojectsbitres Instagram account, and all images posted by the artist are categorized by hashtags representing the artist name in residency. Original concept by Sean Ripple.


Current Artist:
Erin Schwinn


I use drawing and collage to construct images of the male body from a female lens. When I find a beautiful body I put it to work, if another is better from behind then I take it. The collages and drawings that I make are a sifting through of various ideas and prejudices about masculinity from a female perspective. The specific images I chose and how they are put together create figures that are full of opposites trying to coexist. Is the figure hiding or exposing, cocky or demure, covering up or jerking off, ideal or grotesque, fragmented or whole? There is multiplicity of readings with these figures and that allows an engagement with the male body that challenges deeply rooted cultural expectations.

My name is E. Schwinn and I live and work as an artist in Austin, TX. I earned my MFA from the University of Texas and my BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. I have exhibited work in Austin, TX, Richmond, VA, New York City, NY, Glasgow, Scotland and my mother's house.