As a means of expanding Co-Lab Project's programming into the digital realm, artist/curator Vladimir Mejia selects artists to participate in an Instagram hosted month-long residency. Artists are given full control of the @colabprojectsbitres Instagram account, and all images posted by the artist are categorized by hashtags representing the artist name in residency. Original concept by Sean Ripple.


Current Artist:
Alexis Mabry


I collect stories, views, and things that I encounter in my community and landscape that resonate with shifting identities. I am interested in the bond placed on objects that often serve as time capsules and memories. I use found fabric, sewing, and painting to slow down, reconstruct and remember these fast paced scenes. This gives the sense of connection to particular moments in time, people, and places.

Alexis E. Mabry (b. 1985) grew up in up in Dallas, Texas. Mabry moved back to Texas after studying at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia (2011) and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond (2013). She is a 2019 graduate for her B.F.A from Texas State University this year. Alexis explores social stereotypes in identity through observation, anecdote, and personal introspection. Finding the idea of a person more compelling when it lives in the popular imagination, with a tenuous connection to lived reality. Her work pulls from both personal experiences here and those imagined identities. Being a female BMX rider, she explores feminine roles in male-dominated activities. The work draws from the languages of painting, soft sculpture, and craft. Mabry has shown in solo and group shows regionally throughout in Texas, Richmond, California, and Kentucky.