Glissman Road Development, Projected Opening: Fall 2020

We are extremely excited to announce that Co-Lab Projects has acquired a .62 acre property on Glissman Road where we plan to build our future home free from the limitations of property tax and rising rent. Our goal is to develop a nonprofit owned and operated studio complex, gallery, and outdoor performance venue – the only one of its kind in Austin, Texas!

How did we pull this off? For the last seven years, we've been saving our commissions from all the sales we facilitated for artists, thinking we'd need the funds to renovate a new rental space. However, earlier this year we decided that, rather than renovate someone else's property, the best use of those savings would be to invest in a long-term solution for our growing organization by purchasing our own property. After a fastidious search, we found an amazing site that was in our price range and close to other beloved arts complexes in East Austin!

Below is a proposed site plan illustrating what the future space might look like. Please stay tuned as we move forward with this project and keep an eye out for the multitude of ways you can help us transform this property into a site of sustainable cultural resources well into the foreseeable future.

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Gallery at Springdale General

During the fundraising and construction periods of the Glissman Road project, we will be operating a modest gallery space in Building 1 of the brand new Springdale General complex. We anticipate that surrounding ourselves with other creatives, nonprofits, and startups should offer new and interesting opportunities to expand our audience base, circle of collectors, and organizational donors. Will will be kicking things off with an exhibition in the common area of Building 1 during EAST and plan to officially open the gallery in early 2019.


DEMO Gallery

Originally activated for the exhibition LAME, LEWD, AND DEPRESSED in 2013 then generously provided by Congress Development Partners for exhibitions and events from 2016 through 2017, DEMO was a temporary gallery located on 8th and Congress in downtown Austin. The name playfully invoked the temporality of this space as the existing structure will be demolished and car-free high-rise apartments built in its place. At this exhibition site we expanded the scale and calibre of our programming, exposed new audiences to our organization and mission, and continued building support for the construction of our new studio and gallery space.


Co-Lab Project Space

Project Space was our first home, headquarters, and primary event space located in east Austin. The property was roughy a 1/4 acre and featured a white cube gallery, outdoor mural walls, screening area, and a large yard complete with fire pits, seating areas, garden, and covered deck/bar. 


N Space @ Nelsen Partners

N Space was a gallery space occupying the ground floor of Nelsen Partners Architecture Studio on Congress Avenue. It served as a testing ground for a rotating selection of contemporary art meant to complement work customarily exhibited at Co-Lab Projects' main space in East Austin. The space consists of a lobby, a long hallway typically used to display large scale two dimensional work, as well as a small installation room.