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Paul McLean

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

Since late September, 2011, I have been co-organizer of Occupy with Art, an affinity group of the Arts & Culture Working Group of the New York General Assembly for Occupy Wall Street. The Occupational Art School is emerging from this scenario, as a collective and individual proposition, a shared imaginary, a hyper-real construct for a 99% art world, or maybe even a 100% liberation of art, for all and from all. Its appearances are momentary, like a ghost or a shade of a memory. Fortunately, we have mobile devices with powerful still- and moving-image cameras built-in, now, and other networked “capture” devices that can virtually prove the existence of such non-things, as simulations, as they happen. If we piece enough such events together, we can build a true story that exists beyond fact and fiction, as a becoming that is also a teaching about the impossible being made possible, as art and occupation. The medium is dimensional. Time is the only Object, and everything else is the Subject. This art is for humans, and it is free. We have nothing to lose, except either/or. 

SUBTEXT IN RE-PRESENTATION [Flux BETA: these premises are continuously modified (see project tumblr)]
[1] In the End, the Hydra Kills Hercules [and the Other One] (“I Love You, Monster”)
[2] Nothing Is Transparent, Really & It Is OK [Mountain = Painted Mountain] (Matterhorn Project)
[3] Main Street Has No Dead End (Concentricity Projects)
[4] West Virginia, Blood & Bone (The Orphanage of a Refugee’s Home)

Program: The Artist will work on one image [potentially objective], creating multiple iterations, while ex-positioning or coursing amongst multiple seams of related immaterial, IRL, IRT, for the purposes of generating a documentation for digital environments. This is not a performance, nor is it installation.

Paul McLean is an artist who works in both new media and traditional fine art. His research interests include media philosophy, specifically pertaining to time and systems; arts management, art, and cultural economics; and the convergence of 4-D methodologies among military, political, business, and social sectors. His web site is artforhumans[dot]com. McLean is also a co-organizer of Occupy with Art [].