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"Sacred Land Grab"
Rebecca Jane Rodriguez and Dustin Kilgore

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

"I take a walk in the country. Everything is as it should be: nature at its best. Birds, sun, soft grass, a view through the trees of the mountains, nobody around, no radio, no smell of gasoline. Then the path turns and ends on the highway. I am back among the billboards, service stations, motels, and roadhouses. I was in a National Park, and I now know that this was not reality. It was a “reservation,” something that is being preserved like a species dying out. If it were not for the government, the billboards, hot dog stands, and motels would long since have invaded that piece of Nature. I am grateful to the government; we have it much better than before…”

—Herbert Marcuse
"One Dimensional Man"
Beacon Press

Sacred Land Grab is an outdoor slide show and video installation that blends footage of the American West with everyday audio to examine the context in which we interact with nature.