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"A Shifting Thought, A Shifting Sea"
Loring Baker

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

This body of work is an investigation into my mind as a single mother. I use drawing as my main mode of exploration throughout all the facets of the work. The honest, crunchy, tactility of pencil on paper is something that speaks very clearly to me. I began this work with the idea that I should be able to examine this relationship with my son and explore its interest and beauty from endless different angles. This personal exploration of our relationship can be seen as a metaphor of the larger idea of cognitive flexibility, or our ability as humans to switch our perspective, therefore completely changing the way in which we see something. This body of work ultimately speaks of the existence of innumerable branches of possibility within each initial starting point, and our ability to see these possibilities, if we only take the time to look.

Each drawing is made from one photographic portrait that I took of my son. Seeing this as a way to examine this particular relationship from many different angles, I made drawings from pieces of the photo to create new compositions of his facial features. While drawing I recorded the actual sound of making the drawing, all the scratching, tapping, erasing, etc that my tools made, seeing these sounds as metaphors of creation, destruction, frustration, joy, hard work, while also speaking very literally of drawing. I then edited these sounds by adding small guitar or voice parts, atmospheric sounds I recorded around town, using loops, or by leaving them as is. I then arranged them into soundscapes. Each soundscape has a specific drawing that it is part of, as it is made from the particular sounds of that particular drawing.  From here, the animations further explore my interest in relationships, the act of drawing, and transformation.