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"The Development of Actuality"
Robert Jackson Harrington

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

My work centers on the concept of potential. The possibility of what could be as opposed to what is. This concept works as an exercise of the mind. Our thoughts take given information and imagine or project a new state of being for that information. When we consider something’s potential, usually we visualize a greater and idealized outcome. My work resides in these moments of conceptualization.

I create false narratives that attempt to exploit the idea of potential. I aim to lead the viewer to believe that my sculptures somehow “work” or perform some kinetic function or illustrate a scheme of some unknown contraption. However, the arrangements do nothing, they merely act as a stimulus or catalyst. They suggest a situation, or an action that compels the viewer to respond. I feel that the viewers projected ideas of what my work “can be”, or what it “does” is far more interesting than the actual objects themselves.