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Group Show

  • DEMO Gallery 721 Congress Avenue Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)

Artists: Kate Barbee, Gingi Statman, John Welsh, Seth Murchison, Rowan Summers, Yamin Li, Joshua Orsburn, and p1nkstar

SUMMERSCOOL 2016 culminates in a group show featuring eight exciting young artists exploring the past, present and the desire for a better future through a variety of lenses. Fond memories are decaying, hope is balanced by loss and longing. A star is born but the light it exudes is likely only a mirrored surface. Voices echo from the past and are swallowed up by the constant buzz and background noise of contemporary life. The most private moments are made public and put on display for objective scrutiny and personal reflection. This communal space created is contemplative and reverent yet peppered with dark humor and an unironic playfulness that invites the viewer to explore and participate. The works serve individually as vignettes of personal struggles, transitions and intimate histories providing multiple takes on identity and the complications of personal relationships. Together, they weave a larger narrative mining personal tragedy, childhood, family and fantasy for material. The extremely personal nature of each artist’s work renders them all the more relatable as they raise questions and present problems that are fundamental to the human condition.

SUMMERSCOOL is an intensive program that prepares dedicated artists to propose, refine, and execute an exhibition concept in a professional and supportive environment. These selected artists have spent the last several months participating in our post-art-school curriculum which includes professional development in gallery preparation, art handling and installation, artist statements, bios, and talks, application preparation, grant writing, and community networking. The 2016 program is sponsored in part by Metropolitan Gallery.