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Joseph R. Reeves

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

The Cell Phone Photo Gallery is a conceptually focused exhibition which aims to utilize cell phone photography as a means to playfully undermine the officious value systems that judge what art is, by confronting viewers with the shameless suppositions of what art typically is not.

In broader context, The CPPG project means to document, explore, and question the rising sense of sociocultural awareness that is occurring in part from the universal accessibility of simple technological mediums such as the Camera Phone. Not since the advent of pens and pencils has an entire generation suddenly had almost universal access to such a simple and effective new tool for documenting their experiences and expressing their thoughts at any given moment. The CPPG means not to champion or challenge the debatable worth of this technological shift, as much as it does to instigate a dynamic new conversation about its implications. 

Because the camera phone has become so readily accessible to so many people, the cell phone photograph in itself tends to be dismissed artistically as a shoddy comment upon “real” photography. The CPPG refutes this notion ardently by organizing and assembling large scale, city-specific, cell phone photo exhibitions that call upon the every day citizen for their own unique interpretation of art, photography, and meaning. The massive collection of cell phone photos are gathered through direct, alternative, and above all, creatively-focused submission strategies, and are then anonymously displayed in a spectacular arrangement within the space.

The final product amounts to a gallery space transformed by several hundred cell phone photos that when viewed as a whole, compellingly reveal a truly magnanimous image.