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"Famous by Association - The Artist and Me Series"
J Haley

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

The Project “Famous by Association - the artist and me series” consists of images picturing J. Haley alongside another artist. These photos began conglomerating in 2003, culminated in 2009 as online social network content, and continues to grow to the day.

This content and its online existence has found search engine recognition and it has become clear that the project must create new and relevant content, links, and posts in order to maintain viability.

By utilizing this moniker - ‘Famous by Association’…it is the primary goal of the project to make clear to the public that, indeed, these are associations worthy of fame.

Tell your friends.
Over 100 Artists featured in a performance based installation scheduled and designed to further the propagation and documentation of the project.  Featuring an exposé on the “Famous by Association - the artist and me series”, informational handouts, historical evidence of artistry, artist interviews, and a series of information booth performances, J.Haley will give you the ‘in’ on the artists he’s met.

The list of artists represented is ever growing. We invite you to arrive before the presentations, staying after to soak it all in. You never know which of the artists will make an appearance, and/or which one is on the verge of becoming world renowned.

The presentations will feature live “informationals” illustrating a few different artists that have associated with J.Haley and whose work he believes to be phenomenal. These presentations will, in turn, become posting fodder for the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and the Tweet-Plerp-Bot-Systems of the Internets… Propagating further steps of famous associative behaviors.

J. Haley, began promoting other artists while simultaneously promoting himself via social networks, blog writing, and online linking. It was his intention to document the process with the process itself, and in doing so, historically associate himself with the great artists of his time. His thought… “As they become more and more famous, so will I. And as I become more famous, so will they…”

Now it is your turn.