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"Reality Is Only A Rorschach Ink-Blot, You Know"
Lisa Choinacky

  • Projects Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

All of existence can be understood as a relationship. Alan Watts posited that our physical world is a system of inseparable things where everything exists with everything else. In this system of metasystems, each relationship aggregates with many, giving form to the universe. And within this pattern, even the most seemingly disparate of elements ultimately reveal themselves to be conjoined and interwoven. Is it coincidence that the world is made up of undividable opposites? I seek to examine how this relates to that. 

In a life-sized Rorschach-esque diorama. I’ve collaged together mirror images of basketball players in motion, illustrating that when we accept that the universe runs off a blind energy, this can cause a very insular worldview. We form teams and then we form opponents. The opponents occasionally rise to meet each other in pursuit of the same goal, bifurcating and mirroring one another, each existing because of and for the other. 

In layering these images/pieces in a space, I aim to work towards total awareness of connectedness and order, while demystifying the idea of the cosmic fluke. I have chosen to identify and explore sites of mirroring and convergence to highlight the relationship points that bind us, and the universe, together.

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