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"Cantanker Issue 10: Misinform Release Event"
Group Show

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

Co-Lab’s 2nd Birthday / Independence Day Celebration!

America turns 234, Co-Lab turns 2.

Come celebrate two years of programming, 4th of July style. Come BBQ and play outside with us. Bring stuff to throw on the grill, games, super-soakers, decorations, family, friends, and strangers! 

Over the past two years Co-Lab has presented over 100 unique exhibitions, performances, and screenings. Many of these artists and bodies of work have gone on to win awards, travel the country, or take on new and greater forms. Join us as we enter our third year of programming - another round of new media and collaborative projects.


Cantanker Presents ISSUE 10: MISINFORM

Join us at Co-Lab for the release of ISSUE 10: MISINFORM and interactive installations that explore the creation and alteration of information.

"The boldness with which we proclaim our ill-informed ideas and opinions to others is a sort of social lubricant akin to booze or cash.  Loaded with faulty knowledge, we share and judge imperfectly until some bigger kid busts us for being incorrect or off in some fundamental way… this is a world-turning phenomenon and to the extent that society gets by on such silliness, we should be grateful.  While talk is cheap, this doesn’t mean one should completely abandon a humbler sense in favor of nothing but the brazen… I mean everyone needs to spell check from time to time, right?"  - Sean Ripple

Contributors: Clarke Curtis, Suzanne Koett, Joshua Saunders, Mouths by, Sean Ripple, Justin Cox, James Huizar, Katherine Kunze, Richard Fetchick, Thax Douglas, John Mulvany, 6th Grade Art Students of the Khabele School, Michael Merck, Jana Swec, Mark Johnson, Josh Dihle, Cherie Weaver, Debra Broz, Ben Pickle, Shea Little, Sean Gaulager, Amber Shields, Julie Johnson, Austin Nelsen, Katie Rose Pipkin, Lance McMahan