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"The Mellow Drama of the Love K/nots"
Kendra Kinsey

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

Oh, the craziness of love. Oh, the love of craziness.

"The Mellow Drama of the Love K/nots" is a celebration of the beauty as well as the absurdity I see in love, but it will be a beautiful mess, an obsessive compulsive, patterned collection of oddities. It will explore the fantasies and fallacies of love and loneliness.

We are all looking for love, and happiness… right? Sometimes the “love” we see and experience manifests as bad habits, addictive relationships and unhealthy ways of thinking. In movies like Twilight, codependency is seen as a truer version of love. With tabloids following celebrity couples, our culture is obsessed with relationships, scandal and drama. There are countless amounts of books explaining how to catch a guy, how to keep him, how to be happy in a relationship, how to stay married, how to be single. I will read all the relationship counseling books I can find between now and the show, without filtering, and analyze myself while I am planning this show. It’s a self indulgent, obsessive experiment, to compliment the indulgent, obsessive way our culture focuses on love and relationships.

Musical Act/Performance Art: “The Mellow Drama of the Love Knots”

(Experiment with Clare Scallon and Linky Dickson)

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