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"Fabrication and Value"
Kale Roberts

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

The installation will focus on the discrepancy between value and worth, taking into account labor and comfort as intrinsic components of monetary value. The exhibition features a bed, a dollar bill quilt setting, television, sound installation and the smell of money highlighting the creation of the quilt.

Kale Roberts has lived in El Paso, TX and is currently attending graduate school at University of South Florida. With an intense interest in a social and multi-sensory experience, Roberts provides questions focusing on social distraction and the possibility of comfort within a flawed system.

Every dollar is worth 5.3c in gold and costs 6c to manufacture leaving the true value of the dollar to be -.7c. Now the reserves no longer back the bill, and so the value of the dollar is now based on the economic standing of the country which correlates to rates of productivity and global consumption. Money is our verification of labor and identity that in turn becomes the assets we obtain. There are $536.00 in the bedding.