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"E.A.S.T. @ Co-Lab" Group Show

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

During E.A.S.T. 2009 Co-Lab will offer a variety of programming, with new pieces of art premiering daily. To be included are outdoor and indoor installations, interactive pieces, performances, workshops, a collaborative wall mural, a bike-in movie, and an art sale.

The Southern Porch : Dominique Vyborny + Jake Lenahan
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 14, 7-11PM
Open Hours: Saturday + Sunday, November 14 + 15, 10AM - 5PM
Outdoor Installation Ongoing Throughout E.A.S.T.

"Architecture is the thoughtful making of space." -Louis Kahn

Every geographic locale has a unique architectural dynamic. That is to say that every city has been designed by different people, to suit different needs, and to create a different experience. Every area that we create, every house that we design, is thoughtfully laid out with a solid ideal usage in mind for the eventual purpose of each space, each room, each garden. 

Each space designed has an inner relationship between each room, it’s walls,  and it’s physical surroundings. A kitchen, for instance, should be a reasonably short distance from the dining room in to create a fully functional relationship between the two. Each room should be considered in relation to each other room in the rest of the house. 

A Porch is usually attached to the front of a house, with the front door entering onto the living room, or in the case of Back Porches, the kitchen. This Southern Porch has been forcefully removed from it’s “normal” context to highlight the common uses and general preconceptions we all have of porches, and to create a free floating experience of a porch, not only taken out of context, but installed inside of another building, further stretching how we percieve the piece. 

The Southern Porch has long been a common dwelling space of many houses in Austin. It’s not just another part of a house, but almost encompasses an experience. To sit and chat with neighbors, have a beer with friends, make sun tea, sit out and read, make art, etc. But maybe the most important common experience of a porch is to be fully present and in the moment.
Concept Artist/Main Builder: Dominique Vyborny
Assistant Builder: Jake Lenahan


Fired Cube : Hank Waddell
Outdoor Interactive Installation: Monday, November 16, 6-10PM + Ongoing Throughout E.A.S.T.

You can enter the cage to find a sling shot as large as your big brother.  You will attempt to fire at a 4’X8’ target just nine feet away.   The target is thin lead sheet. The object you will fire is the most stagnant 3 dimensional form - the cube.   It will tear a unique hole or make a unique impression in the lead.   This random act will be the center of a 5 X 7 art piece for you to take home.

Real Estate : Sarah Stevens
Ongoing Project: Monday, November 16, 6-10PM
+ Ongoing Throughout E.A.S.T.

I plan to develop and maintain a small parcel of earth as an evolving outdoor installation.  Using snapshots taken during various flights across the US as source images as well as a collection of innocuous home accoutrements, I will create a personally-scaled environment informed by both geographical patterning as well as the human actions and impulses which alter these geographies.  Land is farmed, traversed across, and mined; communities are built among the latent geography.  From the vantage point of the airborne trans-American traveler,  these patterns illustrate the history and progress of this country.  Moreover, this same phenomenon occurs on a much smaller scale: in our homes.  The desire to own one’s own home is intrinsic to the American psyche, as is the maintenance associated with homeownership.  It is this maintenance that allows our homes to function as our own personal geographies.  We treat our homes as personal reliquaries where we may amass our collections of goods- our symbols of progress. 

Untitled (for S.V.) : Andrea Bonin
Outdoor Installation: Monday, November 16, 6-10PM
+ Ongoing Throughout E.A.S.T.

I am exploring the role of architecture in our interactions and memories.  A wall is a structural object, a monument to its function and a boundary between spaces.  It controls where we go and how we get there.  Time changes our physical experiences into memories and causes the materials of architecture to eventually decay.  This installation comes from my personal history with a particular place and person. By existing in the elements, it defines new physical boundaries and presents the natural effects of time.

Stick Your Face In It : Michelle Devereux
Outdoor Installation: Monday, November 16, 6-10PM
+ Ongoing Throughout E.A.S.T.

Michelle Devereux will be exhibiting a series of head holes entitled “Stick Your Face In It”, which is a novel take on the classic carnival cutout. The series explores the tension between re-contextualization of the illusionary popular spectacle where simplicity is utilized to expose the illusion and illicit new questions about identity. Be sure to bring your camera and experience not only a new body, but perhaps a new reality as well.


Big Group Mini Movie / Playtime With Amanda : Amanda Jones
Performance/Workshop: Tuesday, November 17, 6-7:30PM

Collection Rert’s infamous puppet shows are moving to the screen, and you can lend a hand or a creative touch to it during this performance/workshop.  The theme of the video project, which will be a series of music-based scenes taking place on a miniature stage, is extraterrestrials who live on the moon.  More info at!

4faces : Boho Cocos
Performance/Recitation: Tuesday, November 17, 7:30-8:30PM

Join the Boho Cocos in an exploration of four faces, four realities, four moods, four sounds, four years, four fears, four freaks.  The local literary circle the Boho Cocos will be presenting an evening of literary performances, including monologues, poetry, and prose.  Come out and see the man of four faces who will guide you through sublime reality.


Dummy : Sean Ripple
Performance: Wednesday, November 18, 7-8:30PM

The Stuff Project : Stephanie Bonham
Performance: Wednesday, November 18, 9-10PM

The Stuff Project is an ongoing attempt to facilitate the movement of objects, to find new use for the use-less, and to dispel the nostalgia that gives power to possessions. A careful balance of selfish and selfless, Stephanie Bonham ritualistically purges her life of material goods through systematically cataloguing their history and distributing them in a series of performances. The project’s progress can be followed at


Science Bear Arcade : Chad Hopper
Workshop: Thursday, November 19, 6-7PM

The Science Bear Arcade is a mobile craft unit showcasing homemade goods. You might find it stationed in a meadow, gym, or parking lot as an ideal gift source for any occasion. These treats can even find their way to your doorstep. Since the inception of Science Bear Arcade in late 2003, the Palfloat art collective has kept this mysterious factory alive by recycling donations into various bizarre treasures.

Silver Pattern Personality Quiz : Jennifer Remenchik
Performance: Thursday, November 19, 7-8PM

The family silverware is a treasured heirloom.  But what do different silver patterns say about their respective owners?  Chantilly, Grand Baroque, Francis I… what type of personality goes with what pattern?  Miss Jenny Lynn will be administering a highly scientific quiz that evaluates what your silver pattern would be and what it means about you.

Wheel to Reel
Bike-In Movie Screening: Thursday, November 19, 8-10PM
Wheel To Reel Bike In Theatre Presents: 
The Triplets of Belleville


MORE STUDIO : Deena Odelle Hyatt
Performance Installation: Friday, November 20, 12-11PM

MORE STUDIO is an 11-hour performance art installation show conceived by DOH.

In honor of East Austin Studio Tours, DeenaOH will work for eleven hours on projects for Nanobangbang (music/dance/performance) and Tailless Cat Productions (visual art/text). In keeping with the spirit of this Collaboration Laboratory, special guest artists will come by and work on their own projects as well as collaborations.

There will be music and dancing. There will be quiet concentration. There will be ongoing art for sale all at the price of $11. Feel free to bring food.


Co-Labers Art Sale
Open Hours/Install: Saturday, November 21, 10AM-5PM
Opening Reception/E.A.S.T. After-Party: Saturday, November 21, 7-11PM
Open Hours: Sunday, November 22, 10AM-5PM


Outdoor Collaborative Wall Mural : Sloke, Chris Holloway, Vincent (Emcee Eats) Martinez, Spain, Dennis Hodges, and Matthew Winters
Outdoor Interactive Installation - Fired Cube : Hank Waddell
Outdoor Installation/Performance - Real Estate : Sarah Stevens
Outdoor Installation - Untitled (for S.V.) : Andrea Bonin
Outdoor Installation - Stick Your Face In It : Michelle Devereux
Outdoor Installation - The Southern Porch : Dominique Vyborny + Jake Lenahan

Earlier Event: October 31
"The Creepiest Things" Michael Abelman
Later Event: November 28
"Shed"Nicole Vlado