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"Father, Cant You See Im Burning? A Performance in 10 Hz" Loren Dent

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

This performance will attempt to provide participants with altered states of consciousness through the use of a stroboscopic film and composed sound, both at 10 Hz. The project is inspired by the Dreamachine, a device developed by Brion Gyson and Ian Sommerville in 1961, which utilized research on the relationship between alpha brain waves and consciousness.

Gyson, a contemporary of William Burroughs, described the Dreamachine as β€œthe first art object to be viewed with the eyes closed.” Following this concept, Loren Dent will present 35 minutes of his composed music altered by filter to emit 10 Hz sounds that will work alongside the stroboscopic projection to facilitate alpha brain stimulation.

A word of caution: anyone with epilepsy or any nervous disorder should avoid participating. One out of 10,000 people experience a seizure during stroboscopic exposure.