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"Changarrito En Su Casa" Group Show

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

Please come out and support us by picking from over 135 donated works, priced mostly between $5 and $150 from: Debra Broz, Ben Aqua, Anthony Romero, Mark Hensel, Ryan Lauderdale, Carlos Rosales-Silva, Sterling Allen, Claude van Lingen, Sarah Stevens, Elizabeth Hoisington, Kate Payne, JoAnn Santangelo, Lacey Richter, Christopher Brown, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Kendra Kinsey, Paul Moncus, Matthew Rodriguez, Vincent Martinez, Veronica Ceci, Jan Florence Garven, Shawn Camp, Leslie Pierce, Germaine Keller, Chris Holloway, Amanda Winkles, Shea Little, Jana Swec, Sam Sanford, Bill Baird, Rell Ohlson, Joseph Phillips, Mary Coronado, Justin Goldwater, Zach Mcdonald, Michael Abelman, and Charles Farraro.

About Changarrito:
Behind Mexico City’s National Palace, the streets resemble an Aztec Calcutta: a mass market where vending meets its climax. Thoroughfares are packed with bodies weaving between shopping carts and hand built stands.  Some merchandise is sold illegally and often times ready to be packed up and moved at a moments notice. Deigned “informal commerce”, these markets have become a phenomenon of extraordinary dimensions, with a growth rate of more than 10% annually. On average, three million people occupy the streets a few days a week in different parts of the city.

Argentine artist Maximo Gonzalez became an avid observer of this cultural and economic phenomenon. Since 2003 he has kept a register of the different physical possibilities of these vending stands with sketches and photographs. The arrays of stands are almost as ample as the products they sell, and in most cases the nature of the product on sale determines the form of the stand.

During ARCO’05 (Arte Contemporaneo Madrid), Gonzalez consolidated his two year study, and constructed the first art “cart” titled the Changarrito.  Through the Changarrito Gonzalez managed to bring the embodiment of the Mexican market to Madrid, filling it with work by more than 70 artists. Gonzales pushed the Changarrito amongst throngs of people, boisterously challenging the elite to look beyond the commercial gallery. Reflecting the panorama of art and society in constant mutation, the Changarrito became a space for every ideology, political tendency and aesthetic taste.

On July 20th Co-Lab unveils the Austin incarnation of the Changarrito. After a successful debut at Fuse Box festival 2008, the Changarrito became a venue for local artists to show new work, and art collectors to find emerging talent. The Austin Changarrito will reside permanently at Co-Lab, allowing artists to continually show their work within a community-oriented framework. Paired with appearances at local events, the Austin Changarrito will continually allow artists to break out of the traditional gallery model where art is more accessible, experimental and open to a larger audience.

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