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"Turning Points" Amanda Jones

  • Project Space 613 Allen Street Austin, TX, 78702 United States (map)

This holiday season, Amanda h. b. Jones invites you to join her in honoring the diverse spectrum of forces at work in our lives, through a kaleidoscopic interactive installation.  The square Co-Lab space will become a temporary temple to change and constancy, an all-inclusive space where the mundane and the profound are interchangeable on the altar.

Refreshed archetypes of personal importance will be erected in altar form, while mysterious prayers to abstractions cover the walls.  Community members are encouraged to use the installation as a place to reflect, during the crystallizing last days of the year, upon the agents of change at work in their lives, and the gifts bestowed by them. Amanda Jones will delve into an exploration of that which changes us, and how the motivation for this altered state of self is intangible. She addresses our need to glorify these experiences through ‘alteration alters’ and wall pieces, showing a physical accounting of an extraordinary manifestation which cannot be contained.

The number 12, a prominent factor in Jones’ current show, accounts for the number of works represented in the space. The wall pieces are arranged in a prism effect, with the artist providing a large scale kaleidoscope for viewers to use, further engaging the art and concept. The alters will be interactive, where the viewer may change, add to, or remove pieces during the exhibit’s run.

Collaborative Hours:
You are invited to be the “community” in Amanda Jones’s site-specific “community-art” installation, Turning Points.

Come to Co-Lab (perhaps bearing a random or special object) whenever you wish within these windows of time: [Wed 24: 2-6pm] - [Sat 27: 1-4pm] - and - [Sun 28: 12-5pm]

Come play music, manufacture things, sew or knit, brainstorm, fill out worksheets, hammer and nail, whatever floats your boat.

Dancing especially encouraged at opening event (Sun 28: 7-11pm).

We are approaching a Turning Point!