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Co-Lab Projects Presents:

Lines Composed During A Tour
Featuring Sara Vanderbeek, Andy Coolquitt, Kristi Kongi, and Erin Curtis

Dates TBD

Co-Lab Projects @ Springdale General
1023 Springdale Rd, Suite 1B, Austin, TX 78721

Culled from a few of our favorite recent exhibitions, this selection of work focuses on materials, movement, pattern, color, and light. Each of these artists employ very different techniques, often utilizing textiles, iconography, flora, found objects, “sloppy” geometry and fabrication; but all elicit reverential humor for the commonplace and the banal objects of everyday life. Their use of color and pattern unify their collective voices while offering entry points into their individual practices. While each of the four artists pull references from a variety of sources, histories, and contexts the formal qualities of the works offer moments of connectivity and reciprocity, engaging in playful dialog with one another and the exhibition space itself.




Sarah Teasdale

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a painter and mixed media artist. I am inspired by history, technology, dreams, and color. Before I decided to focus on painting, I considered math as a major in college. My subject matter has varied over the years. Lately, I have been creating artwork as a way to broaden my horizons, uplift my spirit and act as a reminder that there is always something greater at play than what is immediately evident. I am also interested in how technology can help us elevate our spirits and souls and reconnect with the world around us.

I started a series of geometric abstract paintings in 2014. I pulled visual imagery from our modern world- the digital age. Computers were ubiquitous. Pixels and code-like shapes began to appear in my paintings. My geometric abstract series is meant to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it is also meant to chronicle the digital age.

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