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Alexis Mabry and Steef Crombach
May 4th - 25th, 2019

Co-Lab Projects @ Springdale General
1023 Springdale Road, Suite 1B, Austin, TX 78721
Open Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm

Soft Closing with Artists in attendance at The Front Page (bar next door):
Saturday, May 25th, 5-7pm

Co-Lab Projects presents M*A*S*H, featuring the collaborative work of Alexis Mabry and Steef Crombach. Alexis and Steef have a strong sensibility towards the “do it yourself” practice of traditional women’s crafts and techniques. Their unique approach towards soft sculpture, found fabric, quilt and tapestry elements, unscrews the existing perception of these traditionally “crafty” media. Through mimesis the work questions themes of gender positioning, colloquialisms, and visual expression of popular culture. The MASH between Steef’s delicate and methodical process and Alexis’s organized chaos, bring their kindred works into new engrossing dimensions.

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Partial Shade and Co-Lab Projects present: Preludes
Alicia Link and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez
May 11th - May 31st, 2019

Co-Lab Projects @ Glissman Road
5419 Glissman Road, Austin, TX 78702
On view by appointment, please contact us for a tour

Partial Shade and Co-Lab Projects are pleased to present Preludes,
a multi-media installation by Alicia Link and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez in response to A Platform.

In their installation Preludes, Alicia Link and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez imagine a place where their mothers meet for the first time. Fixed to Partial Shade’s Platform two “upholstered” pillars support a swath of material that will feature video(s) during designated viewing times. The screen doubles as a sail alluding to past histories of both women. Surrounding the platform woven scraps of fabric sparkle, sprawl, soften, and contrast the inherent flux of the landscape. Objects in the space serve as props and prompts presenting a give and take with the audience acting as a witness to this exchange. In mimicking the actions of their mothers, Link and Ramirez attempt to carefully understand the complexities of motherhood while carving a space for those nuances to take form. Preludes acknowledges the profound impact the artists’ mothers have on their work and examines how one of the most fundamental relationships can grow or wither with time.