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A Land with No Name
Sara Madandar
October 5th - 26th, 2019

Co-Lab Projects @ Springdale General
1023 Springdale Road, Suite 1B, 78721
Open Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm

Soft Closing: Saturday, October 26th, 5-7PM
@ The Front Page (the bar next door to the gallery)

A Land with No Name uses paintings to break down and reconfigure how we think of place, nation, identity, and gender. In this series, these transformations are represented by breaking down the canvas. In some paintings it is shredded and cut, in others burned and etched with a laser cutter. The destruction and remaking of materials have long been a key component of my artistic practice. The hand-made paper in this series is recycled from 2017 editions of the New York Times featuring headlines about Trump’s “Muslim ban.” Literally dissolving the news through this papermaking process reflects our current political reality—each new day brings dramatic news, however, the impact of these profound political events is quickly forgotten, making way for the next wave of increasingly shocking news.